Björk and Aphex Twin Still Hang Out Over Email, Share Songs "All the Time"

A new interview with Björk done by Red Bull Music Academy is as fascinating and delightful as ever.
September 25, 2017, 6:29pm

A Björk album promo cycle is better than your fave's because Björk is an inscrutable yet comforting interview, sometimes not making a lot of sense but also more sense than most. She recently appeared on Red Bull Music Academy's Couch Wisdom podcast for an hour-long interview (filmed last year in Montreal) that covered most of her career.

The best tidbit is how her and fellow electronic magician (and former tour mate) Aphex Twin have a cordial working relationship, sending files and songs to each other over email "all the time." This, of course begs the obvious questions as to what a Björk and Richard D. James collaboration would sound like (the answer is likely "the year 1998, but better and capable of crushing your soul"), but what's truly important is wondering what the hell these two talk about in their correspondences. A testimonial from a older piece in the Guardian about Aphex Twin from Björk suggests that it would be complete gear nerdery between the two, as seen below.

Richard has always been incredibly supportive of me and has emailed me a couple of times and told me about equipment that he knew I would get into. For example, he told me about the Korg 4-track dictaphone that helped me a lot to make 'Medúlla.'

Dweebs. I relate, though. Elsewhere, Björk discusses what utopia means to her and speaks of her fruitful creative relationship with Arca. You can listen to the whole interview below.

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