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Heart People's New Video is Like Going Inside the Mind of Sade

The Australian duo made us a mix to celebrate their new EP and the premiere of their new video.

Sydney's Ryan Grieve and Rachel Rutt are Heart People. They're also wild people, experimental people, introspective people, visceral people, successful people. Their debut EP Homecoming, released late last month "is about blurring a line between what is considered pop and what isn't."

Alongside the EP are a series of dub reworks by Heart People that are suitable for the club. On the In Dub version of title track "Homecoming," Rutt implores you to dance with her. The video, directed by Manuela Leigh and premiering today on Thump, does much of the same. Blue and weirdly soothing like what you might imagine the inside of Sade's mind would look like, "Homecoming in Dub" is a bit like an underwater dream.


To celebrate its release, Heart People made us a mix. Hear it below, and see the tracklist below that.

Psychic TV - "Infinite Beat"
No Smoke - "Koro Koro"
Niagra - "Amarelo"
Ebony Vs R - "Real Truth"
Food For Woofers - "Ethnic Orgasm"
MATRiXXMAN - "Mainframe 2.0"
HEART PEOPLE - "Voices Dub"
Sun La Shan - "Catch"
Sensé - "Some Will Get Some"
Max Essa - "Remix"
Tolouse Low Trax - "Jeidem Fall (wolf Muller Mix)"

Follow Heart People on Facebook and Soundcloud, and listen to Homecoming the EP and the remixes here.

Soundcloud image by Natalia Parsonson.