Death From Above 1979 Return with "Freeze Me," Promise New Album

“Well, we finished it, it was done, and it sounded good,” Jesse F Keeler told MistaJam on BBC Radio.
June 6, 2017, 8:40pm
Death From Above 1979 on Instagram.

After two years of near-total silence, cult Canadian duo Death From Above 1979 returned this afternoon with a new song and some kinda sorta promises about maybe a new record at some point maybe soon. "Freeze Me" premiered on MistaJam's show on BBC Radio 1. It's a mixture of DFA's familiar clatter—Sebastien Grainger's battering ram drums, Jesse F Keeler's frantic, distorted bass guitar—mixed in with some 1990s house pianos.


"Well, we finished it, it was done, and it sounded good," Keeler told MistaJam, trying to explain the out-of-the-blue release. He added that there won't be another ten-year gap between records as there was between their debut You're a Woman, I'm a Machine and The Physical World. But, "It won't be ten minutes either," Keeler added.

Additionally, Consequence of Sound reports that the band have dropped the Smashing Pumpkins song title from the end of its name. "For all intents /purposes, they are now simply Death From Above," they quote a representative as saying.

Listen to the track and interview in full below.

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