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The Daily Show Actually Gave Trump Tweets Their Own Library

A pop-up exhibit and archive of POTUS tweets went up in New York City over the weekend.
June 20, 2017, 3:32pm

Trevor Noah and The Daily Show celebrated the launch of The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library over the weekend, a pop-up exhibit and archive of POTUS's tweets. It opened to the public in a space down the block from Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan, mimicking the design and arrangement of a formal art exhibition. Blown-up cutouts of some of The Donald's most memorable Twitter moments were hung in gilded frames along the walls, while other attractions included a Trump nickname generator and a live feed of his Twitter page. In the entryway, new visitors were greeted by a sculpture of tiny orange hands cradling a smartphone, as well as a highly secure vault containing the President's tax returns. Perhaps the most exorbitant feature in the library, however, was a mock oval office in a small alcove in the exhibition space. Guests were given the opportunity to send a tweet of their own from a golden toilet in front of the resolute desk while wearing a hotel robe and a Trump wig. Although the show was only open for a few days, Deadline writes that long lines to get in the show prompted the library to extend its visiting hours to accommodate more guests. Check out more images from the event below:

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