Survey the Swiss Landscape with This Breathtaking Aerial Bike Ride

You may want to take up long-distance biking after viewing this daring ride through Switzerland.
June 24, 2017, 2:05pm
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With an intense, gnawing soundtrack pushing the viewer closer and closer to an invisible edge, an experiential video by Emanuel Schafer and Alexandre Blaise follows a cyclist through the small Swiss region of Derborence. The grainy texture of each sequence enhances the overall tone of the unorthodox cyclist video with cliff-hanging suspense. The views in the action packed video titled, Derborence switch from high-up and soaring shot from a helicopter overhead, to low and mighty, keeping the audience anticipating something to pop in surprise. The reality is of course, that the experience is simply a scenic ride through a mountainous region of Switzerland. Filmed with a 35 mm Super 16 and eight cameras, the exciting, nature-loving video is an ode to bicycles and high-energy recreation.

Take in other cycling videos on the Vimeo page of publisher Emanuel Schafer, here.


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