We Asked People to Sum Up Why They Ended a Relationship in Six Words
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We Asked People to Sum Up Why They Ended a Relationship in Six Words

"Discovered his Furry Canadian internet girlfriend."

Whether you see a breakup coming from a mile away or it's a snap decision made in the heat of the moment, there's always a reason someone in a couple decides to call it quits. Most of them are memorable and can be boiled down to a core issue. As such, we asked friends and co-workers to sum up what made them pull the plug on a relationship in six words.

"Would only eat McDonald's chicken nuggets." - Kelly, 33


"Discovered his Furry Canadian internet girlfriend." - Casey, 35

"Got a stripper pregnant. Kept it." - Cheri, 31

"Hairy back. Hairy butt. Hairy balls." - Mara, 30

"Consistently alternated between crying and yelling." - Tara, 22 "Confessed he had robbed a bank." - Julie, 32 "Had a wife. Never left her." - Kim, 24 "Stalked my grandma. Got restraining order." - Neil, 37 "He cried constantly over dumb stuff." - Lora, 33

"Idolized Kermit the Frog. Bad credit." - Annie, 30

"Perceived every tiny thing as an insult." - Tina, 26

"Thinning hair. High voice. Greasy eyeglasses." - Shannon, 34

"'[My] problem I could never cum." - Gina, 25

"Kept a tampon in during sex." - Jon, 44

"Made his living stealing people's identities." - Karin, 24

"Selfish. Alcoholic. Man-child. Emotional abuser." - Caitlin, 30

"Told me he'd never love me." - Alex, 38

"Transferred own emotional baggage onto me." - Sara, 28

"Vegan with no sense of humor." - Mike, 36

"Voted for Trump. Yeah, no thanks." - Allison, 27

"Never told me about his boyfriend." - Brad, 23

"Picky eater. Toenails looked like claws." - Cari, 31

"Had an aversion to bathing regularly." - Tim, 26

"Loved my best friend for years." - Sam, 26

"Didn't have sex for 18 months." - Julia, 32 "'It's not 'heroin.' It totally was." - Riva, 28 "His tiny dick. Wee Willy Winky." - Jill, 33

"Wouldn't take off clothes during sex." - Amy, 33 "Believed he was an energy vampire." - Beth, 24


"Sex felt like an alien probe." - Lorraine, 23

"He hated my friends. Vice Versa." - Steve, 29

"Always talked shit about my family." - Olivia, 29 "Had STDs. 'Forgot' to tell me." - Sheree, 23

"Refused to learn how to drive." - Terra, 35

"Lived off the grid. Never showered." - Jenny, 25

"Always played devil's advocate. Cheapskate. Smelly." - Jenelle, 37

"Drank too much. Forgot my birthday." - Nikki, 22

"Wasn't smart, nice, or interesting. Hated kids." - Lorena, 32

"Loved his dogs more than me." - Naomi, 31

"Coke habit. Mean to my brother." - Luke, 23

"Wet the bed. Terrible body odor." - Martha, 36

"Afraid of cats. Tasmanian Devil tattoo." - Jenna, 28

"Drove very slowly in left lane." - Jamie, 28

"Lazy. Unemployed. Watched TV all day." - Penelope, 39

"Stayed out late with skateboarding buddies." - Bettina, 26

"Suspected he was gay entire relationship." - Priya, 28

"Kept pushing for kids and marriage." - Jay, 37

"Obsessed with anime. Rough, unsatisfying sex." - Carly, 25

"Refused to go to the dentist." - Marco, 34

"He wouldn't go down on me." - Melony, 21

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