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Femme Voices Take Center Stage in 'We’re Here, We’re Present: Women in Punk' Doc

Filmmaker Amanda Silberling follows punk legend Alice Bag on tour with indie punks Leggy and reflects on the legacy of women and queer folk in punk.

Punk music has been an outlet for generations of musicians to express their thoughts on the world as they see it for over 30 years. Though viewed as a predominantly male-centric genre on the surface by many, women and queer people in punk have paved their own unique path in sharing their music with the world. Writer and videographer Amanda Silberling recently spent a week on tour with the Ohio-based indie punk band Leggy as they supported living legend Alice Bag, who was on the road promoting her debut solo album. The resulting fifteen-minute film, We're Here, We're Present: Women in Punk, displays the enduring strength of women and queer punks, as they reflect on how the legacy of the punk scene has influenced their music and attitudes.


Featuring conversations with Leggy, Alice Bag herself, Tracy Wilson (Dahlia Seed, Positive No) and fans, the film celebrates the enduring and growing inclusivity of the punk scene, which has evolved considerably since its inception in the early 1970s. With a focus on Alice Bag, who has never shied away from addressing relevant issues in her music, Silberling captures the driving force of the ex-Bags vocalist as Bag encourages her audience to remain engaged in the face of the current political and social climate. Says Bag, "What really is the essence of punk is that feeling that you can challenge and create your world. You can challenge what's happening and create the world that you want." We're Here, We're Present is nothing short of a confirmation that these ideals hold true.

View the film below, and take a look at our previous conversation with Alice Bag here.