Download Clams Casino's First Instrumental Tape Since 2013

'Instrumentals 4' features two new tracks, and follows his debut album '32 Levels,' released last year.
June 26, 2017, 5:19pm
Photo of Clams Casino courtesy of his website.

New Jersey producer Clams Casino has shared the fourth iteration of his signature instrumental mixtape series. Instrumentals 4 features two previously unreleased tracks—"Say Your Prayers" and "Wavey"—as well as a host of beats and remixes he's done over the last few years. You can download it now via WeTransfer.

He first announced the mixtape on Saturday, when he also shared the gauzy, spaced-out track "Wavey." 32 Levels, his debut album, was released last year. The last edition of his instrumental mixtape series, Instrumental Tape 3, came out in 2013.

Mixtape tracks "Uncle" and "Talk It" were originally produced for A$AP Ferg. "Surf," "Norf Norf," and "Summertime" were all originally for Vince Staples. "Worth It" was for Danny Brown, "Leave With You" was for Lucki, "Kali Yuga" was for Ghostmane, and "Stem / Long Stem Remix" and "Elastic Heart Remix" were remixes done for DJ Shadow and Sia.

Instrumentals 4 tracklist:

1. Say Your Prayers
2. Uncle
3. Wavey
4. Stem / Long Stem Remix
5. Time
6. Worth It
7. Surf
8. Norf Norf
9. Kali Yuga
10. Leave With You
11. Elastic Heart Remix
12. Talk It
13. Summertime

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