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'Berenstain' Bears and the #SelfieWithLenin: Last Week in Art

Another week, another world of wonders.
Russian teens taking selfies with Lenin on fleek, via

A lot went down this week in the weird and wild world of Art. Some things were more scandalous than others, some were just plain wacky—but all of them are worth knowing about. Without any further adieu:  

+ A museum rep speaks up about the Cosby controversy: The director of the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art says that even in times of controversy, art must be allowed to speak for itself. [The]


+ Study says a trip to the art museum can help medical students connect with dementia patients. [NPR]

+ Former funeral home employee sells Marilyn Monroe's hair and falsies. [Artnet News]

+ This balloon artist just crushed a world record for an octopus that measured 104'. [Detroit Free Press

These bears make Reddit news, via

+ Someway, somehow, our childhood storybook characters, The Berenstein Bears are really "The Berenstain Bears" and there's a slew of consipracy theories out there to prove we are living in a parallel universe. [AV Club]

+ This artist is dedicating one of his sculptures to Cecil the Lion. [Artnet News]

+ Twenty-five years later, is this art heist finally solved? Was it a man wearing a waist-length coat and upturned collar the whole time? [Smithsonian]

+ The pencil company, Dixon Ticonderoga, will use a museum show to highlight stolen paintings. [Orlando Sentinel]

+ Teenagers taking selfies with statues of Lenin are trending in Russia IRL. [Artnet News]

Allen Henson's topless photo shoot on top of the Empire State Building via

+ The Empire State Building Group drops a lawsuit against topless photo shoot. "It's embarrassing for America," the photographer Allen Henson shares, "They are saying breasts have made their building unsafe?!" [Artnet News]

+ There's already drama in the playa: Burning Man bans Dancetronauts' Strip Ship. “The only thing that happened was the Strip Ship was denied a Mutant Vehicle License for 2015,” reads a recent post. [Las Vegas Weekly]

+ A life-size mannequin of Michael Brown face down with yellow police tape and four orange traffic cones is protest art in Chicago's Guichard Fine Art Gallery. [NBC News]



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