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Enter a Gothic Winter Wonderland in 360° Video

Reed & Rader return with what looks like a Brontë sisters story in virtual reality.
Images courtesy the artists

Imagine the gothic atmosphere of a Brontë sister’s story transmuted into a virtual realm. The upper class but gloomy Victorian fashion and psyches spread across the wintry lands of Haworth, England. This is kind of like what Reed & Rader create with Winter 360°, an immersive virtual reality experience.

Unlike a piece of Brontean fiction, there is a high degree of surrealism in Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader’s new piece. Trees float, impossibly-colored ocean waves move in strange waveforms, a striking young woman stands completely still, dressed in a white dress amidst the unlikely landscapes. Just over a minute in length, Winter 360° can be explored by dragging a mouse around on a computer running the Chrome browser, or on the YouTube app for iOS and Android.


Check it out below:

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