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Supercell Storms Roll Across The Great Plains In This Stunning Weather Timelapse

Photographer Nicolaus Wegner spent half a year photographing the powerful storms that roll across the open flat lands of the Midwest.

Photographer Nicolaus Wegner spent a few months this year traveling around the grasslands and prairies of the Great Plains states. Between May and September he visited Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Colorado, capturing footage of the severe weather patterns and powerful storms that are unique to these flatlands. He collated what he photographed into his second stunning timelapse video on the subject matter, Stormscapes 2.


The film starts with flashes of lightning, a rainbow, and then majestic-looking clouds begin to roll across the expansive skies in rolling, whirring patterns and formations. The storms rage day and night in Wegner's beautiful natural photography, the awesomeness and variety of this wild weather captured along with its otherworldly appearance.

On his Facebook page Wegner, a Wyoming native, notes:

It was a long project…but totally awesome. Always look forward to May rolling around on the high plains as the skies get crazy. For those like myself dying to see Mother Nature kicking ass again, maybe this will tide you over during the slower winter months.  

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Below Wegner's first Stormscape video.

Stormscapes from Nicolaus Wegner on Vimeo.