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Breathe Easier Around These Stress-Reducing Paper Light Sculptures

These otherworldly 'plants' will melt the stress right out of you.
GIF by the author. Images courtesy the artist

You don't need to travel to Wonderland or Ooo to find these surreal paper Lungplants, although they defintely look like something Lewis Carol or Pendelton Ward would dream up. Just visit interaction designer Tim van Cromvoirt's studio in the Netherlands, where you can experience the eerie respiration of his kinetic, light-up sculpture garden—one van Cromvoirt says can even be good for your health: "The developed hypothesis is that this slow movement can in fact influence your own breathing," he explains to The Creators Project. "People who have undergone the experience explain that when they are surrounded by these organisms, they become aware of their own breathing rhythm and slowly begin to adapt to that of Lungplants, which generates a real soothing effect."


Van Cromvoirt has been researching what he calls "healing environments" for years, using his artworks to make settings that are "nurturing and therapeutic, and most importantly, reduce stress levels." He also worked with a group of elite watch makers to build a sculpture that opens and closes like clockwork, a bellows-like sound installation controlled by levers, and a beating, water-pumping plastic heart.

Lungplants were first developed five years ago, but van Cromvoirt redesigned and launched the paper version in early 2013. The final version exhibted last week at Roppongi Art Night in Tokyo, and will be showing at the Brasil Design Biennal, Florianópolis in the museum of Palácio Cruz e Sousa on May 15. Check them out in action in the video and images below, and buy one of your very own in van Cromvoirt's online store:

Find more of Van Cromvoirt's soothing work on his website.

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