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Photos From a Nude Life Drawing Class at The Standard Miami

London-based curator and Girls Only founder Antonia Marsh hosted a life drawing session at The Standard Spa Miami beach.

Art Week Miami can be overwhelming. With several thousand artworks to see and parties to attend, it often becomes a caffeine-fueled mix of forgettable events. Curator Antonia Marsh, who founded the international residency and studio program Girls Only NYC that fosters the production of more opportunities for female artists, has a different approach: Since Thursday, Marsh has been hosting life drawing sessions at The Standard Spa Miami Beach.


From 2 - 4 PM (the sessions end today) Marsh encourages visitors to stop by, stop talking about art and make some, and the resulting sessions are relaxing and therapeutic, free from ubiquitous and neurotic artspeak. Drawings and sketches, which range from the professional to the highly improvisational, are exhibited on the walls. Check out some images from the sessions, below:

Keep up with the festivities on Antonia Marsh's Instagram, and check out The Creators Project's Instagram feed to see what we're up to at Art Week Miami.


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