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[Premiere] Chromatic CGI Artwork Interrogates Empathy in the Digital Age

In Issue #16 of FELT Zine, Nicole Ruggiero explores the Internet's effect on our emotions.
Images courtesy of FELT Zine

Every Saturday, The Creators Project premieres a new issue from net art platform and artist collective, FELT Zine.

In this week’s 16th issue of FELT Zine, Nicole Ruggiero, a Brooklyn based net artist known for her psychedelic 3D compositions, unloaded a new series of still lives that consider the way in which technology has impacted the way we communicate and share information. Ruggiero’s vibrant neon backgrounds are riddled with mobile phones, keyboards, and androgynous 3D mannequins that become increasingly intertwined with the electronics surrounding them.


The internet’s wealth of knowledge has never been more retrievable and accessible. Ruggiero sees the internet as a vehicle to better understand the experiences of others, and thusly, the human condition as a whole. “By taking in others’ perspectives through communication, as well as our own perspectives as they change, we can more easily adjust ourselves to align with how we want to exist and behave. […] By being able to communicate visual and verbal ideas so easily, we are better suited to gain fresh outlooks on life and, in the end, form more empathy for people around the world,” Ruggiero tells The Creators Project.

No issue of FELT looks the same. With each release, FELT’s editors work with a new artist to create a unique online space to display their work. This week’s exclusive interactive feature is a "click to enlarge" function that lets the viewer toggle the dimensions of each composition. Also unique to this issue is Ruggerio’s custom backdrop made up of neon signs that read, "A New View." Check out some more works from the issue below:

New York City based music producer and DJ Sharon Alexandra, better known as Lethal Trip, made an exclusive mix for this week’s premiere on The Creators Project. Check out the mix below:

You can check out more of Nicole Ruggiero’s work on her website, and click here for more FELT Zine.


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