Meet the Flight Attendant from Hell in this Lo-Fi Music Video

Ladies and gentlemen, we will start a vicious descent into the black-and-white horror of Mattis Dovier’s animation.
December 31, 2016, 5:05am
All screencaps and GIFs by the author, via

Bringing to mind a brainwashing Korean psychological thriller wrapped in monochromatic illustration, the weighted stills of women with gleaming white eyeballs and pasted-on grins are all suspicious precursors for the impending horror movie and music video called Flight Attendant / 승무원. Not for the faint of heart, the animation by illustrator Mattis Dovier is set to a pulsing soundtrack by XXX. The music acts as a stimulating push to the gross-out short’s narrative.


The initial grainy shots of the animation prominently feature images of consumerism, from sports cars, shiny cosmetics, and enticing ads of “How to look rich!” These flashes of social commentary devolve into scenes far more startling. A tray of airplane food suddenly sprouts worms. A woman napping in her neck pillow is strangled to death. A tiny saucer filled with tea overflows with dark, murky liquid a viewer wouldn't be wrong to assume is blood.

Give in to the dark, scary cabin space of “Dream Airlines” in Flight Attendant / 승무원 and take a full view. Also preview the glitched-out scares with a few close-ups below.

To see more animation work from Mattis Dovier, visit his Vimeo page, here. Hear more music from XXX on their Soudcloud page, here.


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