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Moving Font 'Kinecdysis' Gives Writing Wiggle Room

Sougwen Chung channels her elaborate illustrations into an animated typeface.

A mesmerizing mix of wiggling caterpillars and shimmering glass strings, Sougwen Chung’s new font Kinecdysis is ephemeral amusement for a Sunday afternoon. The name comes from the ancient Greek word ecdysis, which means “to take off,” and is still used to describe the process of an invertebrate organism shedding its exoskeleton.

We’ve featured Chung a few times for her projection-mapped audiovisual performance, Chiaroscuro. While Chiaroscuro filled a room with LED light coils and ambient sounds, Kinecdysis can be experienced from the comfort of your computer. At the Kinecdysis Writer Site, “polymaths, poets, and prophets” can type lines of animated text. Hopefully the next iteration will include the option to save our Kinedysis masterpieces. As any online poet knows, the best lines must be immortalized on Tumblr. A screenshot doesn’t do this dynamic font justice. Try it for yourself here.


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