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Carnival Timelapse Contains All The Fun Of The Fair, None Of The Cotton Candy Smell

Thomas Schwarz's "Urfixed Light Animation" is a disorientating visual thrill set to thumping music.

Combining the multicolored disorientation of an inebriated stumble through a funhouse with timelapse videography (and some pounding dubstep), Thomas Schwarz's Urfixed Light Animation is a visual slap to the eyes through the sights (and sounds) of an after dark trip to the local fair.

Everything you'd expect is here, from the tannoyed announcements beckoning you to another motion sickness-inducing ride, to manic, dazzling lights and go-faster screams. You can almost smell the sickly scent of cotton candy wafting through the air.


The footage was filmed at the Urfahranermarkt fair in Linz, Austria and it distils the experience into an abstraction of sensory stimuli. It's all the fun of the carnival, condensed into an intense three and a half minutes. And it's the perfect fodder for some GIFs.

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