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If 'Skyrim' Were a Fine Art, It Might Look Like This

Alex McLeod blends fantasy and reality in his detailed digital landscapes and sculptures.
September 2, 2015, 4:30pm
Deadboat, Alex McLeod, 2015. Images courtesy the artist

A ribcage that looks to be from a freshly slain dragon lays off to your left, a mysterious, pure white treasure chest beckons on your right, and visions of sinking pirate ships, majestic mountan ranges, and endless libraries surround you on every side. No, you're not in too deep in your latest Skyrim or Legend of Zelda session, you've stepped into Alex Mcleod's new exhibition at Division Gallery, Honeymoon.


Inspired by the games and graphics of PS4 and Xbox One, McLeod has tuned his hyper-surreal style to a fantasy land more subtle than his Nintendo-esque digital dioramas and candy-colored worlds. "Skyrim and Dragon Age were two games I was playing while making this show," he tells The Creators Project. "The ribs particularly reference the aftermath of killing large animals like bears. Essentially I wanted to create a fictional sense of space, like everything could exist within one region of a map."

Honeymoon, McLeod's Division Gallery solo debut, will be on display through October 10. Check out more works from the exhibition below.

Galaxy, Alex McLeod, 2015


Alex McLeod, 2015


Alex McLeod, 2015


Alex McLeod, 2015


Alex McLeod, 2015


Alex McLeod, 2015

Installation shot of Honeymoon, Alex McLeod, 2015

Installation shot of Honeymoon, Alex McLeod, 2015

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