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[Summer Break of the Future] The Desert Island Aqua-Mansion

It's literally a real estate heaven.
Images courtesy of the architect. 

If you were stranded on a desert island in the year 3000, what’s one thing you’d bring? If you asked us, we'd bring the infinity pools, indoor rainforests, grand pianos, and sculpture gardens which make up The Water Pavilion, a conceptual design by Spanish architect Daniel Martín Ferrero as part of his Xálima Island project. As he describes to The Creators Project, “Xálima is a house, in a distant island, located between the mountain and the sea"; one which blends "stone, steel, glass, wood, and nature" into a sprawling, escapist retreat “dedicated to the senses.”


Below, tour Martín Ferrero’s (literal) real estate heaven in the project's video: a virtual fly-by that takes you through the halls and over the pools of the pavilion, something like a gorgeous hybrid of Myst and Cribs.

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