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Watch Gail Simmons of 'Top Chef' Eat and Drink NYC's Best in Chef's Night Out

Gail Simmons of Bravo's Top Chef and Food & Wine takes us out to some of her favorite NYC spots for mussel toast, Vietnamese shrimp, and a 30-shot whiskey pour.

In this episode of Chef's Night Out, Gail Simmons—judge on Bravo's Top Chef and Special Projects Director of Food & Wine magazine—takes us out to some of her favorite New York spots. The night starts with mussel toast and ceviche at Navy in Soho, followed by eight cocktails (yes, you heard that right) at ZZ's Clam Bar in Greenwich Village. We then cruise to Miss Lily's 7A for some curried goat neck, and to end the night, the crew heads back to Talde in Park Slope for a late-night meal of Vietnamese shrimp, nasi goreng, and Bánh xèo prepared by Gail and chef-proprietor Dale Talde. To top it all off, Gail pours 30 whiskey shots, in one fell swoop, for all of her friends.

Gail, please pack your shot glasses and a bottle of whiskey and don't go. Visit us … and please bring some shrimp.

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