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Trump's Wall Will Cost as Much as $21.6 Billion, Says DHS Report

That's quite a bit more than Trump's original estimates.

An internal report from the Department of Homeland Security has some new estimates about the cost and timeline of Trump's border wall, and they're significantly bigger than previously thought.

According to Reuters, which viewed a copy of the report on Thursday, the DHS now expects that construction of the wall could cost as much as $21.6 billion—a bit more than the $8 to $14 billion number that Trump initially lofted. That's money that the American taxpayers will have to shell out, of course, since the latest plan is to have Congress foot the multibillion dollar bill and then somehow convince Mexico to reimburse us later.

The internal report also expects that the 1,250-mile wall will be constructed in three phases, with the final section completed at the end of 2020, right around the time President Trump will presumably be going up for reelection (those impeachment fantasies are mostly just fantasies, guys).

The report is set to be presented to Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly within the next few days, who will then likely move forward with requesting the necessary construction funds from Congress this spring.

Reuters reached out to the White House about the DHS report, but a spokeswoman said that commenting on something that president has yet to see would be "premature."