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This Snapchat Short Film Is Like a ‘Black Mirror’ Episode Directed by David Lynch

Using Snapchat, filmmaker Trimaan Lamba crafts an eerie satire on the social media age.
Screencap via Vimeo

Far from being a mere ephemeral messaging app, Snapchat's Stories tool allows users to craft narratives and artworks for friends and followers alike, as A.M. Darke recently demonstrated. With the dark realism of Cracked Screen: A Snapchat Story, filmmaker Trimaan Lamba ups the ante. Shot on Snapchat and edited into a video, the Black Mirror-esque short tells the story of a young black woman (Chantelle Levene) who goes from a being hopeful recent graduate on the job hunt to—like a character in a David Lynch film—a woman in trouble.


As with the stories people tell on Snapchat or Instagram, life can be vibrant and fun one second, and dark and emotional the next. Lamba and Levene create this portrait with a just few tools available to them on Snapchat—still photos, video selfies, and emojis. Noticeably, Lamba doesn't use any augmented reality filters, which is probably a good idea—there's a chance they would have been too creepy.  Watch Cracked Screen: A Snapchat Story below:

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