This story is over 5 years old.

Watch a Chinese "Cyber Espionage Unit" Steal Files from an American Hard Drive in Real-Time

Be forewarned: It ain't as exciting as you'd think.

Chinese hackers are taking over, you know? They're the talk of the town today, thanks to this Mandiant report that the New York Times got its hands on. And, because we live in the future now, the report comes with a made-for-YouTube explainer. Above, watch in real-time as a member of a Chinese "espionage unit" hacks his way into an American computer, probably belonging to one of the 141 companies and institutions the so-called Comment Crew hit over the last couple of years.

The Matrix it ain't, but it's still fascinating to watch. And just remember: if you want to fight back against these guys, just buy yourself some solar panels.