A Courtroom Is a Crap Spot for a Coke Deal
Lead photo via Flickr user Joe Gratz

A Courtroom Is a Crap Spot for a Coke Deal

Labrador RCMP say they watched a man hand-deliver a baggie to a prisoner on Friday.
January 21, 2017, 8:08pm

In both news and popular culture, we often hear about the great lengths people go to when sneaking drugs into prison. Drugs are obviously big business behind bars, and getting around security is a puzzle that seems to inspire unlimited creativity.

Take, for example, the folks who hide micro-hits under postage stamps, or drop massive stashes via drone. And for those willing to endure a little discomfort, there's always the old fashioned up-the-anus technique.


On Friday, one Labrador man apparently decided to forego any spy-grade smuggle-craft in favour of a hidden-in-plain-view approach. Perhaps motivated by powdered courage or a fear of butt stuff, the 50-year-old dude was seen hand-delivering a baggie to a prisoner in a brightly-lit Happy Valley-Goose Bay courtroom.

It did not go well.

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Not deterred by sheriff's officers taking notice, this man allegedly decided to destroy evidence the fun way. According to the CBC, RCMP said they watched him not-so-discretely hoover a baggie of "suspected cocaine" before his arrest.

The man was taken to hospital, and then released back into RCMP custody. While probably feeling a lot less invincible today, he now faces obstruction of justice and trafficking charges.

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