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Stream a Previously Lost LP's Worth of Library Music by Black Devil Disco Club's Bernard Fevre

'Orbit Ceremony 77' is a beguiling and beautiful collection of sci-fi-friendly oddities, and you can hear it in full on THUMP.

While Frenchman Bernard Fevre is best known for producing pervy, pulsating cosmic-chuggers under the name Black Devil Disco Club, he's also got a batch of fantastic—and fantastically weird—library music records lurking in the depths of his back catalogue. Suspense, Cosmos 204, and The Strange World of Bernard Fevre are all considered seminal works by those know there stuff when it comes to sci-fi tinged bleeps and bloops.


Bernard recorded a fourth record in the sequence—Orbit Ceremony—that for one reason or another, has languished in the man's vaults for the best part of 40 years. Whilst working on the re-issuing of the other albums, he stumbled across those long lost tapes and began the process of remixing and remastering his earlier material.

The result is Orbit Ceremony 77, which arrives on Alter K/Lo Recordings on Friday September the 2nd. Highly recommended for fans of space age, the record's a blindingly brilliant look at how the future sounded to the people of the past, and we're incredibly honoured to be bringing it to you in full right below. Enjoy!

Orbital Ceremony 77 is out on Friday via Alter K/Lo Recordings.