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Watch the Emotional Moment This Streamer Beat the 'Super Mario 64' Speedrun Record

His grandma gets in on the party.

A Twitch streamer who goes by the name Cheese broke the world record of Super Mario 64 speedruns, and watching him do it will get you kind of misty-eyed.

Super Mario 64 is a notoriously difficult game for attempting high-score speedruns, and Cheese said he'd spent the last three years of his damn life trying to perfect this run. Collecting all 120 stars in under 100 minutes was previously thought to be impossible.


He completed the run in one hour, 39 minutes and 57 seconds. As Polygon reports, he squeaked past the previous record holder, Batora324, by just eight seconds.

The run begins casually, as he tells viewers in the chat that he's "just trying to get a run going" and doesn't remember if he started recording the game. By the end, things get tense when he seems to realize how momentous this game is about to become—and when he nails it, he's overcome with emotion. He pulls his grandma into the room to check out what he's been doing holed up in his room all this time and her reaction is delightfully supportive. I'm not crying, you're crying!

Viewers along for the ride threw him some cash as a reward for the entertaining run—ranging from a crisp $50 to a buck or two, and several $13.09 donations to commemorate his time.

"You never know what you're life's gonna be," he said, before signing off. "You never know what the fuck's gonna happen." True words: Like getting choked up while watching a guy play win Super Mario 64.