Downtime at the Whorehouse: When Bunny Ranch's Working Girls Are Off The Clock
Photos by Amy Lombard


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Downtime at the Whorehouse: When Bunny Ranch's Working Girls Are Off The Clock

Everyone imagines hookers as sex fiends, but in their down time, the Bunny Ranch's prostitutes skateboard, play with Legos, and sing Nickelback songs at hooker karaoke.
August 26, 2015, 2:00pm

Self-proclaimed pimp Dennis Hof has transformed Nevada's historic Moonlight Bunny Ranch brothel into the most notorious whorehouse in America. Since he bought the brothel in the early 90s, the Bunny Ranch has become the Four Seasons of brothels, perfected the girlfriend experience, and served as the setting for the hit HBO show Cathouse. A generation of kids grew up watching the cult classic on HBO behind their parents' backs, and today some of these kids travel to the brothel as adults, both to buy sex and to work as prostitutes.


Photographer Amy Lombard and I are two of these kids--except instead of buying sex, we were dying to get coffee with Air Force Amy. After we read Hof's new memoir, The Art of the Pimp, we decided to make a pilgrimage to the slutty American Mecca to live at the Bunny Ranch for a week to get to know the hookers we grew up idolizing.

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Although the media portrays hookers as wild sex fields, the Bunny Ranch's workers act like average girls when they're off the clock. During our stay, we drank (and spilled) tea with Air Force Amy, saw a working girl skateboard in Uggs, and watched working girls sing Nickelback songs at hooker karaoke. Here are our favorite photos of the icons who live and work at the Bunny Ranch.