YouTube Critic's Two-Hour 'Breath of the Wild' Analysis Is Worth Your Time

YouTube Creator Joseph Anderson has a nearly two-hour epic on the design ethos of Breath of the Wild. It’s worth every second.
April 18, 2017, 9:03pm

I've put well over a hundred hours into Breath of the Wild at this point (and I haven't even finished all of the main quest content, there's a Divine Beast still stomping around in my Hyrule), and I cannot seem to tear myself away from the game. The exploration, the economy, the secrets hidden in this vast, beautiful world, it's all just so much (and so well-designed). There is something fun, or at the very least, interesting, in every imaginable nook and cranny of the space.

One of my favorite YouTube creators, Joseph Anderson, also enjoys the game, but he isn't without complaints. In this almost-two-hour video, he dives deep into Breath of the Wild, including the aspects that worked well for him—the world, the implicit player-created stories, the exploration and traversal, and those that don't. I don't agree with Anderson's assessment of the shrines (he is decidedly not a fan of most of them), I certainly understand where he is coming from, as a fellow fan of previous games huge, well-designed puzzle boxes.

Anderson also goes in deep with the combat, going so far as to actually, scientifically calculate damage based on enemy, weapon, and armor stats. It's fascinating.

I am probably going to come close to 100-percenting this game (minus the 900 Korok seeds, that's just… too much), and I basically can't get enough of the hidden secrets. One day I'll quit this game, but man… that day won't be here for awhile.

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