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New Zealand Basketball's Haka Dance Confuses And Maybe Scares Team USA

Team USA is confused by New Zealand's Haka dance
September 2, 2014, 9:00pm
Screencap via YouTube

The United States remained unbeaten in the FIBA World Cup with a 98-71 win over New Zealand Tuesday afternoon, but not before they almost shit themselves (with confusion or fear, whichever) as New Zealand busted out its pre-game war chant, the haka. Derrick Rose, James Harden, Kenneth Faried, and the rest of Team USA looked on with concern as the Tall Blacks stomped and grunted across the court during warm ups.

While that war chant is absolutely intimidating—even more so on basketball's hard court—New Zealand forgot they were dealing with a team coached by a basketball goblin who fears only one dance: the Nae Nae.

"We actually were going to shake hands with them afterwards because we knew that that was a really neat thing to do and it's part of their tradition, and we admire that," Krzyzewski said.

Really neat stuff, losers.