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'La La Land' Director Wants to Bring a Musical Drama to TV

Damien Chazelle is reportedly working on 'The Eddy,' a show set in Paris about a nightclub, its owner, and the house band.
Foto vía Wikimedia Commons

After taking the Oscars by storm, Damien Chazelle, the 32-year-old filmmaker behind La La Land,is making a move to TV with yet another musical drama, according to theHollywood Reporter.

Along with making a Neil Armstrong biopic with Ryan Gosling, Chazelle is slated to direct The Eddy, a series set in modern-day Paris about a nightclub, its owner, and the house band. Jack Thorne—who's written for Skins and Shameless, and co-authored Harry Potter and the Cursed Child with J.K. Rowling—will write the script.

Chazelle took home Best Director at both the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards for La La Land, making him the youngest in history to win that Oscar. He also directed Whiplash, a critically acclaimed film about a young jazz drummer and his mentor that won Sundance's top audience and jury awards back in 2014. Also, James Franco loved it.

According to the Reporter, Chazelle and his crew are still looking for a streaming outlet or a TV channel to pick up The Eddy. The songwriter who helped Michael Jackson write "Man in the Mirror," Glenn Ballard, is teaming up with Six Feet Under's Alan Poul to executive produce.

Chazelle's not the only Academy Award winner making a move toward the small screen. Moonlight's director, Barry Jenkins—the man Chazelle literally had to hand the Best Picture Oscar over to—has signed on to write and direct an upcoming TV adaptation of Colson Whitehead's The Underground Railroad. Hopefully the two can avoid another Warren Beatty mixup the next time the Emmys roll around.