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Someone Is Turning Russia’s Filthy Cars into Dirty Masterpieces

ProBoyNick finds his canvases on the streets of Moscow.
Images publiées avec l'aimable autorisation de ProBoyNick.

Instead of the typical, "Wash Me!" or "If Only My Wife Were This Dirty," Moscow-based artist and illustrator ProBoyNick etches beautiful, highly detailed works of art onto the sides of dirt-ridden vehicles and massive shipping containers. Using his finger and a selection of paintbrushes, the artist, a.k.a., Nikita Golubev, carves out things like meticulous animal portraits, prayer hands, an intimate portrait of a man's face, and a group of surfers riding a wave of dirt. It's the perfect form of vandalism because it's not only mobile, but temporal—each work will surely wash away, either thanks to the elements or the owner.


Before he started working on his dirty artworks, Golubev experimented with different mediums like painting, drawing, book illustration, and character design. That last bit shows, as each work carries not only its resemblance, but a certain personality, too.

Check out some more examples of his dirty artworks below:

On his Facebook page the artist writes, "Never know what's coming up next, so stay tuned," so keep an eye out for more Dirty Artworks by ProBoyNick on Instagram and Behance.


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