Kolbotn​ Black Thrashers Condor Return with 'Unstoppable Power'

Stream the deadly new album from these Norwegian black/thrash hellions, out 4/28 on High Roller
April 17, 2017, 5:18pm

The Kolbotn thrashers union strikes again! The Norwegian collective that was initially dreamed up by Darkthrone's Fentiz and has spawned the likes of Obliteration and Nekromantheon has struck black gold once again, this time with Condor's latest audio transgression. The trio—which is comprised of members of Black Magic, Gouge, Black Viper, Mion's Hill, and more—formed in 2009, and had steadily chugged along in the Norwegian underground, hooking fans near and far with their thoroughly satisfying, wild-eyed black/thrash.


Now, following 2014's Victims of Burning Death split with Töxik Death, Condor has returned with their second full-length, Unstoppable Power. Propelled by songs like "Embraced by Evil" and "83 Days of Radiation" the album is pure 90s black thrash worship (with a heavy emphasis on the thrash), and hits every note it aims for—Aura Noir's bloody fingerprints are smeared all over their sound, and I for one have zero problem with it. The past is alive here.

Listen to Unstoppable Power below, and snag the record from High Roller Records on April 28.

Kim Kelly is unstoppable on Twitter.