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‘Gram Crumbs: So, SXSW Was Lit…

Snoop Dogg had a time.

If you live or know someone who lives in the Northeast, then this past week was a total clusterfuck for travel. Someone in your life was complaining that the snowstorm that hit the Northeast ruined their plans for SXSW. But, some people made it out there. I was not one of those people, though Instagram told me it was a good time. So for everyone who didn't make it to "South By" or went and needed a recap, here it is.


BUT FIRST… An update on the Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj thing we've been following for the last two weeks. There's been some quiet going on. Cover art for a track called "Culture Vultures" surfaced on the web, which is supposed to feature Remy and her husband, Papoose. There are  a bunch of random audio clips that have circulated, but it doesn't feel real… especially since Genius is still waiting to annotate. Meanwhile, a rumor surfaced that Nicki Minaj and Drake are finally dating…

So yeah. That happened. Drake also released a "playlist" called More Life on Saturday. Okay, and before SXSW—I promise I'm getting there—how about Trump trying to come for Snoop Dogg because of Snoop shooting a clown dressed like Trump in his video for "Lavender"? Then T.I. weighed in:

Bow Wow jumped in and threatened to "pimp out" Melania over Twitter. Here's what Snoop had to say about Trump:

Snoop was also way too busy hanging out at SXSW. Like that segue?

Snoop kicked it with Desiigner, and claimed him as his "nephew." That was pretty massive.

Desiigner had his own fun too, hanging out at the Woodies and whatever. I still hate that it's called "The Woodies," but I clearly don't matter here.

Young Traplord Ferg was also present for the (ugh) Woodies and presented, while Rick Ross hosted, which felt weird to me but whatever. Ross dropped his album Rather You Than Me this week and he dissed Nicki on the opening track. We're coming full circle here. The song is called "Apple Of My Eye," and Ross says "I told Meek I wouldn't trust Nicki."


Meek was warming us up to this diss a week ago on IG, and we didn't even know it.

Back to SXSW, so French Montana and A$AP Rocky had some backstage fun, while A$AP showed off his fanny…pack.

Yo Gotti performed #ForDaCulture. So did Kate Nash, giving me serious FOMO with her Western-inspired 'fits.

Even CARDI FUCKING B showed up!!!

So did newbie Khalid, who took home the "Woodie To Watch" Award, which also sounds gross, but whatever.

Yeah, like hip-hop was ALL OVER SXSW as per usual. Migos, Lil Wayne, everybody. It looked lit. The whole thing even tuckered out 2 Chainz

So if you made it to SXSW despite the blizzard, kudos to you. If you didn't, there's always next year. Literally. That fucking festival is never leaving our lives.

Kathy Iandoli was banned once from SXSW for writing this. She was invited to speak there a year later. Follow her on Twitter/Instagram @kath3000.