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Making Killer Pho Is Way Easier Than You Thought

Charles Phan is the go-to man for all things pho.

If you were to delicately lap the sweat from the brow of Charles Phan—the preeminent figure in modern Vietnamese cooking in America—we're pretty damn sure it would taste of freshly made pho bo.

We say this not to needle you into committing some act of soupy eroticism should you happen to run into Phan—because you totally shouldn't—but to state, in the creepiest way possible, that Charles Phan is the go-to man for all things pho.


Luckily, Phan has given MUNCHIES his recipe for a truly phenomenal, classic pho bo and it couldn't be easier to make.

This soup is loaded with Chinese cinnamon, star anise pods, fresh ginger, and scallions, but,according to Charles, what really sets a pho apart is lots and lots of bones.

This recipe calls for eight pounds of bones, but Phan says, "If you've got a pot that can take another three pounds of bones, do it. The more bones you have, the better it tastes. That's why restaurant soup tastes better—it's got a bigger variety of bones, marrow, and meat."

RECIPE: Pho Bo: Beef Noodle Soup

There you have it—all it takes to make the best pho of your life. It all comes down to tons of bones, some marrow, and a little bit of patience.