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FunkinEven Hits Hard With His New Single, 'Discipline'

Apron Records is cranking out some serious belters.

Funkineven has a knack for laying down thick slabs of acid over a techno beat. Our interest was piqued and our shoulder jabs sharpened when the Londoner hit with his joyous "Heart Pound"/"Another Space" 12" on Eglo Records in 2010, and in the years since, his tandem releases on Eglo and his own Apron Records have explored a perpetual fascination with 303 and 808 sounds.

Now, he's due to drop his brand new release, Apron13. It's two tracks of dreamy, squelching techno: "Discipline," a collaboration with Detroit's Jay Daniel, which you can stream below, and "Abyss," a tune that shows Funkineven's dark side. Darkness is something he's certainly tapping into with the artwork, too—those teeth on the cover are his own, recently pulled and painted gold. We're really feeling this one, so let it wash over you.

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