This story is over 5 years old.

Jimmy Edgar Gave Mystery Skulls the Techno Treatment

The Ultramajic boss just "Paralyzed" us with his new remix.

When the Detroit-bred Ultramajic boss don Jimmy Edgar moves in for the remix—you better tie yourself down to the nearest stationary object, because shit is about to go down. For his recent monster, he got his techno-loving claws deep into what was once an indie sounding Soulwax-y orginal, "Paralyzed," from the likes of LA act Mystery Skulls.

Jimmy entered, stripped it down to the bones, added in some pounding FX, and probably sat back in his desk chair while his studio began to spew scorching solar-flares into the sky. This track is a bomb, and we are sweating. Blast this from your nearest system while we go chug a Gatorade.

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