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THUMP’s Definitive Guide To The Best Rising French Producers

From Bordeaux to Lyons, these 12 musicians are changing the game.

Once known solely for cheese, wine, techno, and those two weird dudes who wear masks all the time, France has undergone a cultural explosion and we're here to introduce you its key players that you may not be familiar with yet. If you were hoping to find DJ Snake, Justice, Mercer, or Brodinski in this article, well, you've come to the wrong place.

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Like a piping hot croissant, starting your day off with Stwo's SoundCloud will never let you down. This Parisian producer has been the indisputable leader of France's R&B revolution after breaking into the scene with a now iconic EP on Live For The Funk. Stwo has since embarked on his first North American and Australian tours, waxed poetic about his love of burgers, and recently put together a phenomenal mix for Diplo & Friends on BBC Radio 1.


If you already have a favourite disco house producer, be prepared to change your allegiances. Darius is the final say in embracing your inner lover, and his latest remix of 's "Don't Wanna Dance" is lush enough to make even the most hardened club rat wobbly in the knees. His Romance EP is absolutely gorgeous and is highly recommended.

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20syl is one feature-length album away from pulling a Flume and exploding into the A-list… not that he hasn't been there already. This beat maker is part of legendary DJ crew C2C, a four-man turntablist group that has already toured the world and destroyed SoundCloud. I wish that I could write a witty metaphor about sex, cars, or brunch to describe him, but words escape me.

Like some sort of marvelous sex playlist onion, each new release from Phazz reveals a new layer to this Lyon-based producer. Want the perfect track to fall asleep with your significant other to? "Hold Me" is your answer. Want the perfect track to have a one-night stand in your kitchen to? We recommend "Invictus." How about the perfect soundtrack to an orgy in a roller skate rink? Check out his remix of Disclosure's "Latch." In a musical climate where producers recycle songs more often than empty bottles, Phazz's devotion to constantly expanding his repertoire makes him quite special indeed.

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Listening to Everydayz could make even the most placid of pastry chefs feel like they run the club. His releases on Cosmonostro have helped carry the fledgling record label to the forefront of Internet relevance and put many North American instrumental hip-hop producers to shame.


While I can't justify his choice of moniker, I stand committed to tell you that 123Mrk is one of the most innovative musicians in the game right now. Like Uma Thurman, this eggs benedict over savory waffles (WHAT!), or the Alpha Romeo 4C, 123Mrk's productions are unconventional, but perfect in every way.

Real Estate

is 8tm's first EP. Coincidentally, it's also the last thing that soon-to-be parents heard before conceiving the next generation of baby Parisians. If this record isn't responsible for more births than the Baby Boomers, I'll be extremely surprised.

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Picture yourself in a villa in the South of France; the sun is setting and you're lying in a hammock with a beautiful man/woman, drifting in and out of sleep. The only thing tracking the passage of time is the progression of "We Can't Be Friends" on a nearby stereo. This is the exact situation that Dream Koala's music is for. Well, that and sitting on a beach far, far away from home with nothing but a guitar and a tan to call your friends.

If you took the weed jokes and athletic apparel away from Flosstradamus, then put them in Bordeaux and told them to actually make music, you'd get something similar to Rusty Hook. With a "Supported By" section in his SoundCloud bio that lists only his mother, it's hard not to feel some affinity for the guy.

A remix by Twinztrack puts the cherry on top of even the most expertly produced original. The duo's flip of "Rice Rain" is an undeniable winner, packing a punch that Marcos Maidana could have used in his latest bout against Mayweather.


Myth Syzer to iTunes is like what morning sex is to your life. Yes, you can live without it, but why would you? A day isn't truly enjoyed unless you've started or finished it with one of this Parisian's many gems.

The list of situations where I'll listen to anything even resembling progressive house is a short one to say the least. It includes:
a. When The Chainsmokers send me all-GIF emails
b. When I'm at a show and there are no cabs
c. When it's anything that LEVI gets his hands on

Cherokee is a Francophone now living in Luxembourg with an absolutely outstanding release on RocheMusique. In this cruel world, there are a few things that I truly love: dark chocolate, sunsets, puppies, my parents, brunch, and last but not least, the breakdown of this song, "Don't Matter" featuring Darianna. This sultry smooth track pulls a reverse-Mulan and makes a woman out of you.

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