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Listen To 'Vent,' the Pounding EP From Newcomers Witch

Check our exclusive premiere of some real nosebleed-techno jams.

Industrial techno has been enjoying its time in the sun for the past couple of years, and part of its renaissance has been down to young producer Happa.

As is the wont of many, he's gone onto form his own label PT/5 Records with Al Gill, which grew out of their blog Orthodoxy is Unconsciousness. Their first release will be by Leicester-based duo Witch. Vent is, unsurprisingly, a heads-down journey into the murkiest waters of UK techno, and beefed up by two heavyweight remixes. With a electro-tinged rework of the title track by Truss, and a more dubbed out remix of the b-side by Shifted on the flip, it's a nosebleed-inducing selection that's a fine contribution to the current industrial techno movement.