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Vaporwave Dude Saint Pepsi Will Now Be Known to the World as Skylar Spence

"Due to legal reasons."

As we outlined not long ago, last year was a pretty crazy year for copyright. One can say what they will about the controversy suurounding ongoing matters of SoundCloud takedowns and Taylor Swift's Spotify habits, but a few simple facts of life remain: you can't fuck with the big boys and and expect to get away with it. Vaporwave figure, Saint Pepsi, recently learned this the hard way.

Real name Ryan DeRobertis, the artist had quite a successful year with a debut 7" for Carpark Records that showed his impressive growth from past days as a sugary bedroom producer. Today he teased a new song, with a trailer for his new identity. Citing the unexplained but succinct "legal reasons," the artist formally known as Saint Pepsi, will now be known as Skylar Spence. The monikor's etymology plays homage to a character name from Woody Allen's 1996 musical movie Everyone Says I Love You, which is said to be of personal importance to the DeRobertis. In the film, Drew Barrymore plays Skylar Dandridge and Ed Norton plays Holden Spence, a young couple in Manhattan.

Spence also broke word of upcoming appearences at this year's Hangout Fest in Alabama, as well as future DJ sets at New York City's Silent Barn. These and all future Skylar Spence shows will feature a full band and if we had to guess, probably only Coca Cola products at the bar.

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