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Bok Bok Walks Us Through the London Locations that Have Shaped the Night Slugs Sound | US | Translation

Ahead of Saturday's Night Slugs x Fade to Mind party at Village Underground, we get the lowdown on the city's eternal influence on one of the UK's most loved labels.

Something massive's happening on Saturday night. Something life-changing. No, I'm not talking about my mate Jack's birthday party at the Brockley Barge, though that will go down in British folklore as the night where the most pints have ever been consumed. Forget about that for a second. This Saturday in Shoreditch, the world gets to see the Night Slugs crew go head to head with Kingdom and some of the rest of the Fade to Mind lot, in an event which promises to be the pinnacle of the club music year.


The line-up really is the stuff dreams are made of: Bok Bok himself going B2B with Prince Will, Kingdom duelling with Total Freedom, and BBC AZN Network's Manara sharing a USB with Jam City. Fuck staying in with a takeway and Match of the Day—Village Underground's the only place to be this weekend.

Ahead of the party, here's a brief guide to the London locations that have influenced the Night Slugs sound over the years according to Bok Bok himseld. We suggest you watch the video for Bok and Sweyn's Flirta D featuring "Unlimited" and then let the NS boss take you for a wander.

1. Plastic People

It was the archetypal small club with a massive soundsystem tuned to connoisseur standards. Before it tragically closed a few years ago, the club was home to several key club nights including grime/dubstep birthing ground FWD>> and influenced me like no other place. RIP.

2. Uptown Records, Soho/Independance Records, Lewisham

Being a South boy, Hackney's Rhythm Division (also RIP) was always a bit far away, so I used to head to Uptown in central or Independance in South, and both those shops managed to feed my white label habit. Until they closed.

3. Burgess Park

There was a time when the majority of the label's roster was based in Camberwell, SE5. Burgess Park is one of my favourites to this day.

4. Precise Mastering HQ

Precise have now left the city, but back in 2010 Night Slugs' sound was shaped here at attended sessions with mastering engineer Sam John, who we've been working with since.

5. Rye Wax

The Peckham record shop underneath the Bussey Building that doubles up as a tiny little club that we love to throw parties in. They feel like house parties but with proper subs—perfect.

The Night Slugs x Fade to Mind party takes place this Saturday at Village Underground, London, as part of 2016's Clock Strikes 13 Series of Events.