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Believe in Nicole Moudaber

Nigerian-born Nicole Moudaber talks about her first footsteps into the party scene, the ethos of her own label, and her debut album "Believe"

After a recent chart-topping remix for Carl Cox and a bunch of tracks released on labels like 8Sided Dice and Kling Klong, Nicole Moudaber's career really took off with her debut album dropping on legendary techno imprint Drumcode. We recently caught up with Moudaber to learn more about how she got involved in the electronic music scene, the first party she organized, the ethos behind her MOOD Records imprint, and releasing her debut full-length.


THUMP: How did you get started?
Nicole Moudaber: From a club kid to promoter for many years in London, to producer / DJ. I've always been immersed in music, but it was only when I stepped out of promoting and organizing events to build a house in Ibiza that I decided to come back to it as an artist. I had it in me but never really developed it properly. The rest is history.

How did you meet Adam Beyer?

We swapped a lot of music, I highly regard him and respect what he does. Music joined us together really and consequently we released music on his label Drumcode. I also collaborated with him on my album that just came out recently.

Can you define "sleazy house"?
It's dirty. You just have to hear it and know it to understand it.

You have your own label. What made you decide to do that and what can you tell us about it?
I used to run a vinyl label in the past, it's a great platform for myself and other artists too. The ethos of MOOD is house and techno, I don't want to limit it to one genre only, I play across the board and my label will reflect that. I have releases and mixes coming out from established and up and coming artists too, it's more of a creative process for me than anything else. When the music is good it needs to be heard.

What was the first record you ever bought?
I grew up in Nigeria so my first one was from Fela Kuti, the original afrobeat sound called 'Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense.'


Who was the first performer (or DJ) that ever make you feel like you wanted to work on music. Tell us about that show.
Danny Tenaglia at Tunnel. I was clubbing out to death, I landed in the place one night and I had an "aha" moment. It changed my life completely, and got hooked it to house music since. Then Carl Cox's compilation FACT on React Music was released and I got a revelation on techno, that CD was mind blowing. Being subjected to music in clubs for such a long time gave me a certain education of the culture and the deep meanings behind it.

What songs are your dance floor weapons right now?
I recently finished a project with Skin from Skunk Anansie, have tested it out last weekend at Stereo Montreal and it went off. A true scud missile, still working on it to perfect it though, stay tuned.

What is your favorite song on your album?

"Fly With You" - Euphoric and epic

What is the story behind it?

I had a little "affair" with someone during the making and I was compelled to lay down some chords on it, as I was flying with intense feelings at that moment. The outcome is very special to me and people just love it every time I play it.

You have thrown a lot of club nights over the years. Tell me about the first party you ever threw.
The first ever party was in Beirut, Lebanon. After the war ended, I decided to join forces with a friend and bring over the culture we love so much. We chose a location in the city next to a mosque and a cathedral, got DJs over from London and we threw a historical party there, people from all walks of life, muslim, christians, jews, druz all came down and united under one sound. I helped pave the way with dance music in the Middle East, the rest is history.


Tell me about the last party you threw
As a promoter, I came back to my roots 2 years ago in Ibiza and I got Danny Tenaglia to Ushuaia to do a classic house set. I'm doing it again this year with 2 parties at Sands Ibiza Beach Club with my label party MOOD and a Drumcode party in the sun. Save the dates - August 7 & 29.

What about the best time you have ever had at one of your own nights.
As a promoter I never have the best, it's work and a lot of stress! I have a great time when I'm not working.

What is one thing on your album that you want us to know that we may never notice if you don't tell us
A track on the album called "Can I Get Some" - it's proper deep house. The first deep house record to ever be released on a techno label like Drumcode.

Nicole Moudaber North American Tour Dates

May 09 Miami, FL @ Mansion

May 10 Toronto, Canada @ Footwork

May 11 Montreal, Canada @ Stereo

May 16 San Francisco, CA @ Vessel

May 17 Los Angeles, CA @ Sound

May 18 Denver, CO @ Norad

May 19 Vancouver, Canada @ Shine

May 23 New York, NY @ Cielo

May 25 Detroit, MI @ Movement Festival

May 26 Detroit, MI @ Bleu