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Bud Light Sensation Takes On New Life In Mexico

Armed with a notorious Toronto photographer and plenty of white get-ups, we hit Bud Light Sensation Mexico with full force.
November 18, 2014, 10:00pm

Last week, we at THUMP Canada hauled our cameras, dry cleaned our whites, looped in Maria Jose Govea-or as you may know her, Toronto photographer THESUPERMANIAK-and headed to Bud Light Sensation: Into the Wild in Monterrey, Mexico.

Between the fanatical audience's infectious energy, white sombreros, and our enlightened chat with Baggi Begovic-we came down with a bad case of Sensation fever. Check out our zany ride in Mexico and peek at what's to come this month when Sensation: Into The Wild hits Toronto on November 29. With a venue twice the size, a crowd double the energy and a line up of artists we know are on your bucket list?•don't miss out on your chance to experience this event.


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