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Seb Wildblood Fuses 'Foreign Parts' To His New Imprint SW

Dreamy house cuts from the South London experimentalist.
July 6, 2015, 2:10pm
Photo by Danny Olivier

To craft authentic music, embracing the missteps are a valuable and natural part of the process. For Seb Wildblood, these "happy accidents" are what make his deep, organic music a sound of his own. "I want it to be real," he says. "Like the sound of putting down a field recorder after forgetting to turn it off.

Wildblood acquired a taste for electronic music while partying with his brother at a university in Manchester. "It was a real eye opener and it was great to have my first clubbing experiences under the watchful eye of my brother. I probably would have gotten into a lot more trouble otherwise," he says.


Despite his early enjoyment of the scene, it wasn't until Wildblood met Dom Apes did he truly get involved. Apes is responsible for stirring Wildblood's desire to have an active input in the scene he had grown so fond of, joining Wildblood to curate their own party series, Church. "I moved into a flat above him in my second year of university. We both encouraged and pushed each other musically and still do," he says. "Eventually, we decided to start a party in order to play to actual people instead of to our bedroom walls."

Located at the legendary Corsica Studios in Elephant and Castle, Wildblood and Apes' famed Church party has become one of the most exciting nights in South London over the past four years. "We started in the basement of St. Giles church in Camberwell and soon moved to Corsica Studios," says Wildblood. "Corsica has been the perfect home for Church—they gave us space to grow when we were just starting out and have always given us complete freedom on the booking side of things." The success of the party encouraged the pair to take the next step and launch a label of the same name. "The last six months have been great," he says. "I feel we're now at a point where we can offer a valuable platform for artists."

Although he remains invested in Church, Wildblood is preparing to launch his debut LP, Foreign Parts, on his new imprint, SW, at the end of the month. Taking its name from Wildblood's own initials, SW is where he can release solo productions without having to compromise on the music's direction. Foreign Parts is made up of seven melodic, ethereal songs and will be the imprint's first offering. "Moodlight" is a moody, captivating house cut off the album, which you can listen to above. "[The album] was made at home, mainly using a few bits of hardware, field recordings, and a couple of samples. I had a pool of twelve or so tracks that could have worked as an album. However, for me, these seven tracks have a really coherent feel to them, so I cut it down," he explains. "It was very tough, but in hindsight, I'm glad I did."

It's Wildblood's stalwart honesty and objectiveness that helps him overcome similar challenges while producing in the studio. "A big question I ask myself when making music is 'Would I pick this up if it weren't my track?'" he says. "Aside from that, I think it's really important for any young artist to have something else going on. If you're feeling the pressure to make a track that's going to turn things around for you, it'll never come out. It needs to be made naturally. If something is forced through pressure or impatience you can generally hear it."

Between the Church label and SW imprint, Wildblood has his hands full for the remainder of 2015. "We'll be doing a launch party for the EP at Shapes in Hackney this August [and] I've just finished my next EP, which should hopefully be out early autumn. I'm really excited with what we've got lined up for Church, too—forthcoming releases from Project Pablo, Chaos in the CBD, Ishmael, Apes, Viers, and more."

With his unapologetically authentic attitude and an affinity for musical flaws, Seb Wildblood is carving out a name for himself in South London and beyond. We'll be listening.

Foreign Parts is out July 27th on SW.

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