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Listen to Disclosure's New Track

The boys are back with a techno-garage flex to melt your afterhours.

There's a proud tradition of UK clubs that are simply minimal and well-appointed boxes—no decoration, no laser-and-strobe show, just a bar and a ballistically-good soundsystem. Indeed, that's the perfect place for this brand new track from house act of the year Disclosure. On "Apollo," the boys come a bit deeper and darker with a cooling techno-garage vibe that will have your afterhours melting into the sunrise.


Listen to the track here, space out to this hypnotic visualizer—kind of like being inside a pyramid outfitted with colored strobes—and then buy the damn thing when it comes out on December 16 as part of the Settle Special Edition pack. You know you want to.

Buy Disclosure's "Apollo" here.