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15 Musicians from 11 Countries Went to a Malaysian Jungle to Make an Electronic Album

Soundlab is a joint project between Detour Asia booking agency, the organization Border Movement, and the Goethe-Institut​.

Photo by Lisanne Schulze

A few hours drive from the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur lies the eco-resort The Dusun. Popular with tourists, it has also, since 2010, been an unlikely retreat for electronic musicians, that have included Kode9 and Modeselektor. Now a new class of Dusunists are gearing up to put out an album of electronic music crafted during their jungle residency.

As XLR8R reports, "SoundLab: Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand & Germany 2016" brings musicians from these four regions of the world for an "inner-cultural collaboration in Malaysia's rainforest." The project was first spearheaded by Malaysian-based duo Bass Sekolah (consisting of producer Cee and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Darren Ashley) who released the first of these collaborations last year, and which now, for its second iteration, has the backing of the Detour Asia booking agency (owned by Cee), the organization Border Movement, and the Goethe-Institut.

This year's roster includes producers such as Born in Flamez, Nadia Reid, Dizz1, Dea, Vandetta, Darko C, Space 360, Nguyen Hong Giang, Similarobjects, Najwa Mahiaddin, The Bassment Syndicate's Fook, and Bass Sekolah.

Watch a promo video of, and listen to selections from, the album which will be available as a free download on June 4, a gift, the project states, to "stay in the spirit of the ever/all giving jungle mother."