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Joris Voorn Tunes Up Marc Houle's "Borrowed Gear" for a Retrospective Remix

As part of the forthcoming remix LP of the Berlin minimal artist's defining debut on Richie Hawtin’s M-Nus label.
March 10, 2015, 4:45pm

This time ten years ago (as well as still now, and probably forever), if you fancied yourself a creator of minimal techno, Richie Hawtin's M-nus label was the place to be. Just ask Berliner Marc Houle, whose career was largely ignited by a debut album entitled Restore that dropped on M-Nus in 2004. Spread across eleven tracks, the long player showed Houle's penchant for dark, minimal, groove-tinged melodies, a sound of which Hawtin's label is always at the forefront.


Now, ten years later, Houle is ready to unveil Restored, a remix album that includes some of the industries most acclaimed techno-philes, artists like M.A.N.D.Y, Danny Daze, and the Dutch tech deity, Joris Voorn, whose remix of Houle's "Borrowed Gear," is chugging above.

"Restored was the beginning of it all for me. It was my first album and to me it had the perfect balance of darkness, groove and electronic sounds," says Houle. "10 years later, I am excited to present Restored with some modern interpretations on old tracks by some friends and colleagues who have kept the party going throughout the world."

The Restored remixes package will be released via a vinyl EP series and digital release on April 6. Pre-order on iTunes.

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