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Explore Bud Light Sensation with Mr. White

Canada's favourite wintertime event is just around the corner, let us acquaint you with Mr. White.

Bud Light Sensation: Into the Wild is officially a month away. If you're like us, and have a pulse, then you've got to be pretty damn excited. If last year's incredible party at the Rogers Centre is anything to go by—and we think it is—then November 29 is going to be an event of epic proportions.

The artist lineup has already been announced, and with performers like Bingo Players, Afrojack, and the appropriately messianic Eric Prydz, festival fans are bound to get an ear full. One name that may be lost among the list of brand names is the enigmatic Mr. White. But believe us when we say that there is no Sensation without Mr. White… No, not this guy (sorry Bryan Cranston), we're talking about this guy.


Although his identity remains a secret—he jokingly compares himself to Bruce Wayne and Batman—Mr. White's message is simple: "Let's Dance!" Uninterested in recognition, Mr. White undergoes two hours of makeup before every performance to ensure that his music does the talking. In that sense, he is the perfect representative of Sensation.

Not only is he the official mascot of the event, but the pale-faced performer is also its resident DJ. His sets take house music back to its roots, offering the audience a pumping, pulsing, pop-free experience that can best be described as a pure party feeling. Mr. White is the only suitable opening act to Sensation.

Want to hear a sneak peak of the sounds of Mr. White? Check out a few of his past Sensation sets below and get ready to lose yourself in a sea of white.

If you haven't grabbed tickets yet to Sensation, you can do so here.

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