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These Vintage Posters Daft Punk Made to Promote Their New Merch Line Are Amazing

Right in time for the holidays!
Sitio oficial de Daft Punk

It's safe to say that Daft Punk has never done anything that's not cool, and this week's latest news in the robotsphere is no different. In a clever pre-holiday season move to promote some of their awesome merchandise—which includes everything from key-chain holiday ornaments, to mini figurines, yo-yos, pins, as well as hats and hoodies—Tomas and Guy-Man's Daft Arts company has released a wonderful set of vintage-looking posters that feature cheeky photos of the new products in the field. Throughout the poster, the guys shine a light into some of the more potent international realms of pop culture—from Japanese anime to the world of NYC b-boy culture.


Even including vinyl slip mats plastered with their robot domes, the new swag should distract you from the sad fact that many of us have still never seen the duo play live. Sigh, then go buy some of this dope shit to cure your sadness.

Puedes ver el resto de los pósters en su tienda en línea.

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