THUMP Mix: Kim Ann Foxman

With a new EP hot off the press on her label, the NYC-based talent is loving life.
September 13, 2016, 4:05pm

Stepping out of the glittery shadow of the vibrant live-disco troupe Hercules and Love Affair seems a daunting task, but so far Kim Ann Foxman is totally loving it. Setting up shop in Brooklyn, the home base of her new Firehouse Recordings label launched in 2014, Foxman's been channeling the same gloriously weird vibes of her former band into a new career as both DJ and producer—toying with similarly retro flavors, whilst injecting some rawer rhythms built for dark floors of sweaty gyrators. Her sound is one of confidence; melting the euphoric house sensibilities of old New York into the tough jack of Chicago. And it turns out, people around the world are loving Foxman too. Just head to many of the world's best parties and nightclubs—from Panorama Bar to Tel Aviv's The Block—and there's a good chance she's on the bill.


So far, Foxman's utilized her new label as mainly an outlet for her own tracks—now five releases strong with the recent drop of her latest 12" It's You That Drives Me Wild this past month. On the EP, which includes a remix from one of her good friends and collaborators, Maya Jane Coles, Foxman explores some more moon-soaked textures, injecting her moody vocal charm into the mix for a dizzying affair. You'll find a similarly nocturnal vibe on her THUMP Mix, which you can listen to on Mixcloud, and download on WeTransfer below. We also caught up with Kim for a quick chat to hear what's going on in her exciting world.

THUMP: How are we meant to enjoy the mix?
Kim Ann Foxman: Anyway you want really—in headphones, stoned, hanging with friends, dancing, walking around the city, cleaning naked, at the gym, at work, however you like to enjoy music. There are no rules.

What's the perfect setting?
I think as long as you can feel it and get into it that's all that matters. And let it take you somewhere. Music can make any environment into a fun journey or experience.

Is synesthesia a real thing and if so, what color is this mix?
Sure why not. I think it's possible. I sneeze when I'm full, so it's not too far off from that—crossing wires of the senses in a way. My mix would be a glowing violet; animated.

Where did you record it?
At home, at the Firehouse.

Was there any specific concept to the mix?
It's a mixture of some rad old records that i've had for many years since and some really nice new tracks from people I really like. I also included a couple of newer ones of my own as well.

You just dropped the fifth release on your Firehouse label. What's running a label been like?
It's been really cool actually. I've been really lucky to have an awesome team and partners who have made it easy for me to focus on all the fun and creative parts.

You've been releasing your own tracks exclusively so far. Have you been turning down a lot of demos, or just taking it slow?
I really started the label mainly as a vehicle to self release. Later I opened it up a bit to also support some music that I like. I will continue to do both.

Your DJ career has really been taking off over the last year. What kind of balance are you trying to maintain right now between being a DJ, producer, and vocalist?
I'm really happy that things have taken off in a real way for me, and i'm thankful for all of it. I'm just gonna keep working hard on the things I love and keep pushing forward with all of it and enjoy where it takes me.