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Chasing Summer - Calgary

You're probably thinking that everyone's favorite cowboy-loving Western Canadian city must have a boring dance music culture. You're totally wrong! Tommy Trash, Krewella, Seven Lions and more show you why.

Since Calgary gets such a raw deal in the media--what with all of the chuckwagon accidents at the Stampede and hockey fights hogging the headlines--you're probably thinking that everyone's favourite, cowboy loving, western Canadian city must have a boring and uninteresting dance music culture. Well, guess what? You're totally wrong! And we're going to show you why.

This past August, for our latest episode of The Green Room, we went to the Chasing Summer festival to hang out with *deep breath* Krewella, Above & Beyond, Wolfgang Gartner and his cat tattoo, Seven Lions, Tritonal, Topher Jones… oh, and we also got Tommy Trash to interview Audien after we helped him down a bottle of something backstage before setting off to the afterparty. This may sound like a hectic whirlwind of insanity, and that's because it was.

Beyond all the partying, we took some time to speak with the locals about what makes the scene tick, and how the city is rebounding from the massive flooding that devastated the downtown core in June. So basically we learned more about the City of Calgary (and its massive love of EDM) than any non-Calgarian ever should.

But anyway, get ready to book your ticket for Chasing Summer next year, because we had a blast and you will too